Seasonal Flower Alliance: November 9

Usually by this time of year, we are almost done digging dahlias and tucking them away for the winter. Yet there hasn’t been enough of a frost to kill off our field flowers. Facing the huge task ahead of us and a million other fall clean-up tasks to tackle, we actually started digging some of our dahlias now anyway…but not before I harvested one last armload of ‘Peaches N Cream,’ pictured above.  I absolutely adore how their rich color subtly fades as they age and turn an amazing antique peach hue that reminds me of sepia photographs.

Many gardeners and flower farmers have already started the process of digging and dividing your dahlias.  Meanwhile  some parts of the country have fended off fate and continue to harvest beautiful blooms.  Many of this week’s Seasonal Flower Alliance photos were a celebration of the final flowers of the 2015 growing season.  Here are a few of my favorite “dahlia finale” shots:











I join you in bidding a fond farewell to all these fall beauties. Until next year, flower friends!

A quick note:  just because Jack Frost has visited your garden doesn’t mean you have to stop submitting photos as part of the vancouver florist. One easy way to play along is by sharing shots of seasonal foliage and foraged botanical elements you discover.

To participate, simply tag photos of seasonal flowers and any fun finds from your fields, gardens or local farmers market and add a caption which includes the #seasonalfloweralliance hashtag over on Instagram. Each week I highlight a few of my favorite posts here on the blog.

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